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     With the advancement of drones and the fact that they are now equipped with high quality cameras, the sky is no longer the limit when it comes to producing great aerial photos or videos.  Aerial photos do  not have to be from high up, I can get pictures of places that regular photographers can't get to.  Is your house on a hill and there is no way to get a full on frontal picture?  I can get that for you.   I can take aerials of your roof to look for damage, take pictures of your house, business, construction site, special event, animals, family, cars, boats, farm animals, crops, or almost anything else you have in mind.  I can take video at up to 4K @ 60 fps.

     Are you a lawyer and need aerial photos of where your client got arrested?  Are you a government agency and need aerials of your property or buildings?  I'm FAA part 107 certified and fully insured.  The FAA fines realtors and brokers who don't use FAA certified drone operators, up to $10,000.  Prices for realtors start at $125 for aerial photos.  Use the contact page for more details, and if you're a brand new customer I offer 1/2 off for your first aerial package!  If you've worked with Berks 360 in the past, I'm sorry you'll have to continue booking my aerial services through them.  

     If you're a homeowner just looking for a picture or 2 of your roof to check for damage and you just want a no frills download onto your provided thumb drive, contact me for prices  as it will be location dependent.

     Of course, I take pictures with a regular DSLR too, for all your other needs that aren't aerial related.  

     Click on any of the photos or videos for larger images or higher resolution video.

Take a Look at Our Gallery, double click on the pictures!

FAA Certificate # 4238802 Remote pilot for SUAS

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